Management team

Ohad Karnieli (PhD, MBA)
President & Co-Founder
Dr. Karnieli earned his PhD in Biotechnology focusing on Cell & Gene Therapy from the Sacler school of Medicine at Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Haifa University school of management. Dr. Karnieli served in several executive rolls in the field of cell therapy and medical devices with his last position being the VP of Technology & Manufacturing at Pluristem Therapeutics. A well-known expert in the field of cell therapy process development and serves on several industry committees including chairing of the process & product development committee of the International Society for Cell Therapy and an expert member in the ISO TC276 Bioprocessing committee. Dr. Karnieli is the founder of Karnieli Ltd and ADVA Biotechnology.

Nufar Gross (MSc, MBA)
General Manager
Ms. Gross has an M.Sc. in Immunology and an MBA from the University in Haifa, as well as over 8 years of experience in biotech industry. Ms. Gross held the positions of Development Team Leader and Production Line Manager at Pluristem Therapeutics as well as Production Department Manager and Project Manager at Accellta Ltd. Ms. Gross has extensive knowledge in management, employee’s qualification, cGMP manufacturing, technology transfer and bioprocessing.

Noam Bercovich (BSc, Eng)
VP Development
Mr. Bercovich brings to ATVIO over 12 years of cell therapy experience starting as a development engineer, cGMP staff, cGMP manufacturing team leader, manufacturing line manager and director of process engineering at Pluristem Therapeutics. Mr. Bercovich was part of the team that developed the proprietary Pluristem packed-bed bioreactor and managed the bioreactor team for over 8 years.

Moshik Lindner (practical engineering)
Maintenance Manager
Mr. Lindner has over 6 years of experience in maintenance of cGMP production facilities at Pluristem Therapeutics. Among his roles at Pluristem, Mr. Lindner was a cGMP production team member, a safety delegate, designated maintenance representative in the production facility and a process development team member. Mr. Lindner brings to ATVIO extensive knowledge and understanding on cleanrooms maintenance and operations and HVAC system management.

Inbar Barzilay
QA Director
Mrs. Barzilay has over 11 years of experience in the cell therapy industry. Mrs. Barzilay has a BSc. Degree in biotechnology from Ort-Braude College of Engineering. Her professional experience includes working for 2 years at the Technion, Faculty of Medicine, in the laboratory of Professor Karl Skorecki as a laboratory technician, where she gain expertise in handling human cells, animals studies and various techniques in Molecular Biology. Then, Inbar joined Pluristem Therapeutics, where she was experienced in several segments starting with being part of the production team and after a while promoted to more substantial positions, among them team leader, cell production line manager and department manager. Inbar has many years of experience working in aseptic conditions and in clean rooms under cGMP, operating bioreactors, absorbing new technologies and new products, assimilating changes in the production line, writing and approving working documents (SOPs and Batch Records), managing employees and various production activities, participating in audits by regulatory authorities and more.

Dana Fuchs-Telem (PhD)
Project Management Director
Dr. Fuchs-Telem is an expert in the field of cell therapy, having spent the past 6 years involved in the research, development, and production of numerous cell therapy products. Dana earned her BSc in Biology and MSc in genetic consultation at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She holds a PhD in cellular biology from Tel Aviv University, having written a thesis on the genetic causes of skin diseases. She served as a Project Manager at Pluristem Therapeutics, a cell therapy company in which she held R&D positions. She is appointed as Project Manager with expertise in cell production for the biotech sector.